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2017 Get Financially Fit!!


Track your spending to see where your money goes.  Then build your budget based on your usual expenses.  Look for ways to cut back cable, internet, cell phone, shopping sales and cutting rates on credit cards.

WRITE IT DOWN: Purchase a notebook, a journal or use an excel spreadsheet and write down your normal monthly bills.  Set this money aside for bills, gas, groceries only.  Whatever is left….decide on a percentage to put in a separate account to save.  Use an amount you can live with and leave it alone.

You’ll be amazed how quickly it will grow.

SET GOALS: Using the figure you plan to save set goals for your savings to grow, it can be very satisfying to see that money grow.

EMERGENCY FUND:  As soon as possible set aside an emergency fund,  just a small amount to keep you from having to dip into your account that is set aside for your savings goal.

MENTALLY FIT:  Once you have a financial plan, make a separate journal to write down things you need to do, want to do and things you have accomplished.  Making a list and marking off the items that you have finished gives you a sense of accomplishment.  If you write them down you may also be less likely to go to bed with your mind full of what you need to do.  Writing it  down will  help put it out of your mind and help you get a good nights sleep.





Members can be confident your financial privacy is a priority.

This privacy notice will explain how we collect, use and safeguard your personal financial information. If you have any questions or would like a copy of our privacy notice mailed to you, please contact a credit union employee at 746-5111.


We are committed to providing you with competitive products and services to meet your financial needs, which necessitates that we share information about you to complete your transactions and to provide you with certain financial opportunities. In order to do so, we have entered into agreements with other companies that provide services to us, or additional financial products for you to consider.


* Our credit union will collect only the personal information that is necessary to conduct our business.  That means just what is necessary to provide competitive financial products and services – no more.


* Our credit union will protect your personal information. Our credit union will maintain strong security controls to ensure that member information in our files and computers are protected.   Where appropriate, we will use security code techniques to protect against unauthorized access to personal records, ensure accuracy and integrity of communications and transactions, and protect member confidentiality.


* You will always have access to your information. As a member of our credit union, you will always have the opportunity to review your information and make necessary changes to ensure that our records are complete and accurate.


* Our credit union will only share information when absolutely necessary. We will only share information to administer the products and services we provide, when required to do so by the government, or when we partner with other businesses to offer a broader array of products and services.


* Our credit will partner only with businesses that follow strict confidentiality requirements. The businesses we select will offer products designed to enhance our members’ economic well-being.  Under no circumstances will we authorize these firms to charge your account without your express consent, and we will not sell member information to telemarketing firms.


* Our credit union will offer you a choice in how your information is used. Any member of our credit union may elect to keep information from being shared with our business partners.  We will inform you on how to exercise your choice, and we will take all reasonable steps to make sure your requests are followed.  At least once a year, we will remind all members of your right to choose.



This notice is published in compliance with NCUA Regulations.






Closed Monday, May 29, 2017 To Observe Memorial Day

Closed Tuesday, July 4, 2017 To Observe Independence Day

Closed Monday, September 4, 2017 To Observe Labor Day

Closed Monday, October 9, 2017 To Observe Columbus Day

Closed Friday, November 10, 2017 To Observe Veterans Day

Closed Thursday and Friday November 23rd and 24th To Observe Thanksgiving Day

Closed Monday, December 25, 2017 To Observe Christmas Day





Lost or Stolen Debit Cards…

Report lost or stolen debit cards to the Credit Union ASAP!

Phone number for member to report lost/stolen Debit Card is 800-528-2273

Number for lost / stolen Visa Credit card is 800-325-3678 or 800-247-4222

After hours please call 800-528-2273

Truth in Savings

Truth In Savings

The following disclosures apply to all accounts.  All accounts described in this Rate & Fee Schedule are share accounts.  The Credit Union may offer other rates for these accounts from time to time.

Regular Shares 0.01%

Christmas Club 0.01%

Vacation Club 0.01%

CD 0.65% for 1 Year


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